The Belgian Lady

Magnesium Oil Spray - Warmth 8oz

"Magnesium oil benefits so many aspects of our health and most of us suffer from its deficiency: * Relieves muscles aches, pains, and cramps * Calms nerves and eases anxiety * Promotes a good night’s sleep * Prevents asthma * Relieves migraines * Boosts energy Perfect as facial toner or all-over nourishing. Great after the shower or before going to bed. Shake bottle gently before each use. CRUELTY-FREE, VEGAN" - Warmth: This is a winter time favorite! Perfect mix of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud and Ginger. This deeply warming blend of essential oils renders it useful as a general restorative for emotional depletion, it is effective in revitalizing energy and counteracting exhaustion.

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