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Wood And Metal Cream And Sugar Set

Elevate your afternoon tea or after-dinner coffee to special-occasion status with the Old-World style with this cream and sugar set. The intricately hand crafted metal inlaid wooden tray can even hold a small plate of cheese, cookies, or other treats to accompany your coffee or tea hour. The set includes a sugar bowl with beautiful wood and metal finial lid, stylish glass creamer, artful cast spoon, a seperated box for sweeteners and tray. Crafted with exceptional quality and flair with the Heritage Collection ornate design, this set will make every dining experience a grand occasion. All the pieces of this set fit neatly on the 14-Inch long tray that could also be used to serve culinary tidbits of confection for tea, or use as an ornate cheese board. Features. Stunning cream and sugar set of inlaid wood includes a covered glass sugar bowl, glass creamer, spoon, seperated sweetener box and tray

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